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Industrial production of synthetic rubber and Nitrile Glove in Thailand

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Our Nitrile Gloves are made from NBR, a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene which is the best material for gloves that kept from oil and waters. Our research team has researched and developed this NBR Gloves to be smooth, much better tensile and elongation than PVC Gloves and nearly cause zero allergic reactions. Even with the high cost compared to normal gloves, the demand of Nitrile Glove is rapidly increasing recently. The method of Nitrile Glove production is similar to PVC Gloves the differences are the temperature control of the production. Too hot or too cold would ruins the whole product. Our product is suitable for not only medical uses, our gloves shines in various situation. Producing as thin as 3.0 gram with industry quality level, users can keep their hands away from water, oil, dust, flour used in food preparation, hair dye, nursing, examination, garden, lab industry, and medical service.

Our product comes with various size starting from Small, Medium, and Large. The colorways are also selectable including pink, blue, orange, black, green, purple. The length of the gloves is 9 inches(23cm) and 12 inches(30cm). The weight is from 3.0grams to 4.5 grams. Powder-free from AQL 1.5 Medical quality level, AQL 2.5 Examination quality level. AQL 4.0 Industry quality level. Our product is either packed mainly in bags or boxes depends on the customer’s requirement. We have 4 production lines, exporting to mainly Europe, USA, and Japan with the minimum of 20 containers every month. If you are looking to purchase our type of product, we are your best choice!

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